Posted by: stephenwomack | February 26, 2013

I Keep You

A few weeks ago, when I was praying, I had Corey Asbury playing in the background.  I really like praying to His music, especially uTube videos from IHOP.  In the song, that was playing, one of the lines gripped me.

“All I want, is just to know your heart and would you keep me here until we’re one?”

A deep cry of intercession came out of my belly “LORD would you keep me?!! 

It was a cry for acceptance from the broken!

 I Keep You

A specific person came to mind and I shared the following word with them.  This word continues to come to mind.  I feel like, it may be, for someone reading this now. 

“He hasn’t turned His back on you! He has not tossed you aside and disesteemed you!  You are accepted and beloved and forgiven.  His gifts and callings on your life are without repentance.  He has not changed His mind, about all He has said, concerning YOU!!  I feel the yearning heart, of The Father, longing to be close to you.  He longs to release His heart into you, to be written and sung again.  He sheds tears of longing for you, to know His embrace and love for you, once more.  He knew of your failures and chose you anyway. 

He says, ‘I keep you’!”

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